Chelmsford escorts are here to stay

Non one thought that our escorts agency was going to work, says Lucy from Chelmsford escorts, but we are doing really well. A lot of the locals are using us now, and that has made a huge difference to our business. Getting started was a bit slow, but now we seem to be up to speed. I have to say that I have given myself a pat on the back, and I have proved to my former escort colleagues in London that an agency in Chelmsford would work. Many of the girls I used to work with in central London, did not believe that an agency here would ever take off, but it certainly has, says Lucy.

Running an agency outside London has its own unique challenges. The biggest problem is marketing the agency. We can’t really advertise in the conventional way, so we have to use the Internet a lot. At first we had a specialist company helping us, but after that we started to do a lot of the hard work ourselves. Now, we work together with a self employed Internet marketing specialist, and she is doing a great job of marketing Chelmsford escorts. The Internet is the way forward for our agency, says Lucy.

The second challenge is to get gents to change their habits. This can be quite tough at times. Many of the gents who live in the Chelmsford area traditionally dated escorts before leaving town. Now, a lot of them have started to change their dating habits. Local gents have started to appreciate the beauty of being able to date Chelmsford escorts when they come home from work. A lot of them seem to be able to appreciate the beauty of relaxing with a nice outcall instead of having to rush to and from an incall in London.

I am sure that the agency will continue to grow, says Lucy. This year I have taken on two more escorts, and they are becoming busier now. I recruited one stunning blonde and a really sexy petite brunette. We did not have any petites at the agency before Maggie joined, so she is a great addition to the team here at Chelmsford escorts. She is a very nice lady, and the local gents here in Chelmsford do seem to really enjoy her company. She is also a great giggle on a girls night out with us as a team.

Chelmsford escorts is certainly going from strength to strength. I rely a lot on customer feed back. Yes, the gents are happy with the service, but of course we are always looking for new ideas. One-on-one dating is still the most called for service, however, we do have a couple of girls who can work as a duo team. We have had a a few local gents ask for duo services, but it does not seem to be the most popular service in the area. Massage dates are popular, so we do an awful lot of those during the week, and dinner dates take over at the weekend.

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