Heart Disease And Sexual Activity: Learning Balance

Heart disease is something that, once it affects your life, will continue to rise up and bring questions. “Should I eat this? Can my body deal with this particular stress?” The questions keep coming. Dealing with Heart Disease is no laughing matter but it doesn’t mean the end of your entire life as you know it. Among the many questions you’ll have about what you now can and cannot do, will be one that can affect not only your life but that of your significant other. “Does this affect my sex life?”

When your life has been burdened by Heart Disease it seems like there are so many things you now need to change. Provided you are stable and you’ve been assessed your doctor may even suggest sexual intercourse with your partner as part of your rehabilitation! Be sure to always discuss any change, no matter how big or small, with your doctor. If you’ve had a heart attack or heart failure then regular physical activity can actually reduce the risk of complications related to sexual activity.

Most who suffer from cardiovascular issues, once they’re back on their feet again, find sex with their partner to be a great addition to their day to day tasks in order to keep their heart healthy and keep on track for a good, fulfilling life. Doctors will typically ask that you abstain from sex until they are sure you’ll be able to withstand the workout but once you’re up to par you’re good to go and enjoy your partner again. Provided you can handle the stairs or have the ability to walk for six minutes on a treadmill your heart should be able to handle sex.

Even those who have had heart surgery can still enjoy a healthy sex life once they are free of chest pain and other complications. It usually takes at least three to six weeks to get the all clear from their doctor but even those with bypass surgeries will enjoy healthy sex. “Everything that is healthy for your heart is healthy for your erection.” says Harry Fisch, MD, urologist at Columbia University. If, even after the okay from your doctor, you still experience concern and fear about sexual activity then the next step is seeking out a psychologist to speak out about your fears. They can help you get back as close to possible to your prior life and activities.

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