My Libido

It does not matter if you are taking recreational drugs, or drugs prescribed by a doctor, all of them can affect your libido. For instance, statins can cause a range of health issues and one of the main side effects of taking a statin for an extended period of time, is often erectile dysfunction. One of my gents at London escorts who have been in statins for a long time, has suffered numerous side effects, and he thinks that they all come from taking a statin. He is not the only gent I date at London escorts, who seems to be having a problem.

Another gentlemen, Andrew, has been a steady date at the London escorts service which I work for. He has been on a statin for about two years, and has recently been complaining that he has been feeling tired. When he gets into bed, he wants to sleep and nothing else. Also, he says that he seems to be experiencing muscle loss. I see that in a lot of my more senior London escorts gents, and I wonder if it a side effect of taking statins.

I am sure that many of the drugs we presume to be good for us, are not as good as we presume them to be. Statins are very commonly prescribed, but just like antibiotics, there is a rumour that they are being over prescribed. Having worked for charlotte action escorts for a long time, I have seen effects of all sorts of drugs, but so many London escorts gents are prescribed statins and some do not even need them. Them seem to be prescribed as a just in case drug, but the question is, do we really need them. Would you like to take a drug which is likely to cause problems with your libido and maybe even diabetes type 2?

When I date at London escorts, I don’t very often talk about this sort of thing, but a lot of my gents are worried about statins, and they are increasingly beginning to talk about them. All of them complain about muscle loss, a lack of energy and feeling a bit run down. When you research statins, you will find that the original drug was only meant to be taken for 60 days and no more. The fact is that a lot of drugs are not as good for us as we presume they are.

Reading about statins online, it is clear that there is a problem and many gents who take statins. As statins affect your hormonal balance, they can cause a lot of prostate health problems. It is frightening how this every day drug can affect our lives, and I am concerned about what I receive from my doctor. Fortunately, I am very healthy, and I do like to look after myself, but not all London escorts do. If you can, try to have a conversation with your doctor about what drugs he recommends to you.

Are they safe? The truth is that they may not be safe at all.

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