My love for dominance got me into escorting

Escorting is not the job for all girls and I was not sure if it as the job for me neither. But after having worked in a night club for a  numbers of years, I wanted to do something different. A couple of my friends had worked for escort services around London and I wanted to give it a go. I knew that I had certain attributes that gents would like as some of the guys in the club was telling me that I was made for sin and pleasure.


After checking out a couple of escort agencies, I came across Wood Green escorts in The boss of the agency seemed really nice and did not have a problem with me being bisexual. I explained that I was more than happy to get in more exciting and adventurous dating styles at the agency. After a week he called me back and asked me to join Wood Green escorts. For me it was a really exciting time and I knew that I as going to love my new job.

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I had told the boss at Wood Green escorts that I was into light domination. He was a little bit surprised but I showed him some photos of me. I explained that it had become a passion of mine and that I loved dominance play. To be honest, I think that I scared him a little bit, but he said that I could promote my service with the agency. Little did I know that it was going to become one of the most popular services at the agency.


After a couple of weeks with Wood Green escorts, I was beginning to build up a following of dominance dates. It seemed that a lot of gents who had been using the agency for a long time wanted to try something different. You could say that my service came at the right time at the agency. Some of the other girls who worked for the agency were a bit put out, but they got to date in other ways. My boss was wondering why I was doing so well, so I told him to come and visit me to have some fun.


My boss at Wood Green escorts had never tried dominance before so I started off really gentle with him. After about ten minutes, he was becoming really excited and said that he loved the way I played. At the end of our session, he said that he wanted to make sure that I stayed with the agency. My need for dominance is what got me into escorting and it is what has kept me at the agency. I am now one of the most popular escorts at the agency, and I love my boss. The only thing is that he loves me as well. I don’t have a problem with that at all, but he needs to know that I am always in charge. As long as he knows that, I am happy for both of us to work and play together.


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