The Art of Making Love according by the girls from South London Escorts

In any relationship, sexual intimacy is always the glue that keeps a couple together through the years said by the girls from South London Escorts of As much as the terms making love and having sex are frequently used interchangeably, there is a big distinction between these two activities. When having sex, there is no close intimacy or connection between two people. Most people presume that good sex meant something bigger between them only to find out that you and your partner did not establish a meaningful relationship said by the girls from South London Escorts.

On the other hand, the prudential and superiority of making love entails building a strong bond that reinforces the commitment of the partners to each other said by the girls from South London Escorts. Of course, making love involves good sex, but fulfillment of the sexual urges is not the only goal when you get down to it. When making love, it’s not all about the physical; rather, there is commitment and emotional connection between lovers.

Having sex is just shallow as it lacks the intimacy and certain degree of connection. For women, there are certain things to do to make the act go from mere shagging to making love. When making love, the lady should use her man’s name as it keeps him both mentally and physically focused to you. Eye contact is also important as it makes us more vulnerable to each to each other, thus increasing the intimacy said by the girls from South London Escorts. As you gaze deeply into each other’s eyes you get a window to each other’s soul and you establish a bond every time you make love.

In the build up to a pleasant evening together with your partner, there is a need to make him or her anticipate the time when you will be in each other’s arms. Regular texting or calling during the day makes your partner think of you throughout the day and this helps with the psychological build up to making love. After it’s all done, you need to lie down together naked as you are both vulnerable in this state and it helps you connect said by the girls from South London Escorts. Pillow talk goes a long way in helping couples connect beyond the physical aspect of sex.

If you make love, the romance will always be present in the relationship and trust is established. Moreover, the physical satisfaction will never be absent as you will be using the right technique to help each other achieve orgasms each time you make love said by the girls from South London Escorts.

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